How to choose your virgin coconut oil

How to Choose Your Virgin Coconut Oil, According to Professor Shirasawa

Extracts from the book "FOOD FOR THE BRAIN, by Prof. Shirasawa, PHD, MD, specialist in anti-aging. ISBN 978-967-14205-0-8"


MCTs generally represent 55% of total fat.

Unlike vegetable oils, coconut oil has an expiration date. It is best to consume it within the first year, otherwise it might turn rancid after a while.


Check the list of ingredients. Coconut oil should only contain coconut oil, nothing else.

This product is cold pressed, to preserve its natural taste and benefits.

It is normal for coconut oil to solidify when exposed to a temperature below 24 ° C. It does not affect the quality or taste of the product.

If you keep coconut oil in the refrigerator, you can also use it as a spread or as butter.


"All above text are direct quote from Prof. Shirasawa book and they are presented here for information about the latest findings about coconut benefits. These information can not be seen as recommendation to modify or alter a medical treatment. Like any other good food ingredient, coconut can bring benefits only within a proper balanced diet and regular physical exercises. "



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