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Created by specialists in ethnic cuisine, East West Distribution has been importing and distributing products from around the world since 1993.


Faced with the desire of consumers to change their culinary horizons, East West Distribution offers international products and makes it a point of honor to select the best products from Asia, India, Japan, the United Kingdom or even from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Maghreb.

East West Distribution imports for each kitchen a selection of authentic and essential products, from leading brands in their countries of origin, with European quality criteria and at a fair price.


Personalized service per store


For more than 25 years, East West Distribution has offered tailor-made advice, adapted to each of its clients, depending on the geographical area, the clientele and the seasonality of the products.

Their flexibility and responsiveness allow them to quickly adapt to the market, both in terms of product offerings and in terms of customer and consumer needs.

Seasonal variations in sales and ethnic products are anticipated, allowing stores to stay in touch with new products and new trends.

Help is provided to each of the stores served in order to define its best range of cuisines in the world in order to develop its sales and satisfy its customers.


A unique and efficient POS serviceGondolas


East West Distribution provides its customers with a unique and effective POS, adapted to their needs: kakemonos, label backgrounds, pediments, furniture. All planograms are fully adaptable to customer needs and modular according to demand.

Thanks to their partnerships, East West Distribution also has POS for special operations, specific to certain brands.

The installations are carried out by the sales teams of East West Distribution, integrated and recognized by stores and customers.


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