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Alfred Clouët, a French adventurer of taste

Alfred Clouët, French explorer of taste from Le Havre, puts aside the father's business of tailor to set off to conquer new flavors in Asia, in Singapore.




Birth of A. Clouët company

The brand quickly became known and Alfred Clouët canned goods were quickly designated by the rooster represented on the brand's logo. Regular customers are starting to refer to the brand as "chop ayam", which means "chicken brand" in the Malay language.

The management then decides to change the official name of the company to Ayam ™




The first canned food

A. Clouët decides to explore another product that was considered premium at the time: canned foods.
He was one of the pioneers in the marketing of canned products in South-East Asia (canning is an avant-garde technology for the time, which consists of canning food in order to obtain a longer and better conservation thereof).

In 1899, he began to market canned sardines. Then he broadened his range of cans to other products.


A. Clouët becomes Ayam Brand

The brand quickly became known and Alfred Clouët canned goods were quickly designated by the rooster represented on the brand's logo, said ayam in Malay.

The local population then transforms the name of the brand into Ayam Brand, a name that will continue.




Paris Universal Exhibition

Marketing genius, Alfred Clouët exhibited his products at the 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition and obtained a medal which greatly contributed to the reputation of his brand.




A family business

The company A. Clouët is bought by the family company Denis Frères.
Ayam ™ therefore remains today the atypical example of an authentic Asian brand under the French flag.

Denis Frères (now Denis Group) is developing the brand internationally.
Ayam ™ is now marketed in more than 30 countries around the world, including Australia, France, UK and New Zealand.

Denis Group has a fascinating 158-year history. Founded in 1862 by Etienne Denis, the group's vision, mission, solid values ​​and commercial principles constitute the foundations of this exceptional longevity.

Denis Group draws its strength and stability from three different sectors, in which the group is able to achieve and maintain a high level of professionalism, associated with a spirit of historical innovation: food and beverages, science of health and the distribution of consumer goods. The agrifood business began in 1954 when Denis Group bought the company A. Clouet in Malaysia with its main food business: Ayam ™



AYAM ™, coconut expert

At the start of the XNUMXst century, the Ayam ™ brand became a leader in coconut milk, sauces and curry ingredients. The Ayam ™ brand is considered the ambassador of Southeast Asian cuisines to the world.

Ayam ™ continues to develop its range of coconut products. Milks, creams, sugar, oil, or even water and 100% natural coconut milk; Ayam ™ becomes a coconut expert.




The brand and its commitments for the planet

Denis Group becomes a member of a Global Compact, the Singapore Network, and then undertakes to integrate the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact into our corporate governance and to respect them. Our ESG reports openly monitor the company's progress in terms of environmental, social and governance commitments.


For sustainable palm oil

Ayam ™ is proud to be one of the founding members of SASPO (Asia Support for Sustainable Palm Oil), an initiative of WWF® Singapore.

The Alliance's vision is to make certified sustainable palm oil the industry standard to stop air pollution in Asia, deforestation and loss of habitat for flora and fauna in Asia. production regions.




Launch of the organic range in France

Ayam ™ develops and launches in France its first range of organic products, certified by Ecocert.




AYAM ™, Top Green Companies in Asia

The Denis Asia Pacific group (Ayam Brand) received the Top Green Companies in Asia award; fruit of work at all levels to reduce its impact on the environment. 🏅




Launch of the 1st instant noodles with 100% natural seasoning sachet

Ayam ™ teams constantly question themselves in order to innovate and improve products for even more naturalness and quality.

In April 2020, the brand launches the 1st instant noodles with bag of 100% natural seasoning in France.

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