Instant Noodles 280g 100% Natural
100% natural 100% Natural  
Glutamate free Without glutamate  
No Flavor Without Aroma  
Without Additives Without Additives  
100% natural No Sodium Glutamate or Flavor Enhancers No Additives No Coloring No Preservatives No Flavors No Seasoning Ready in 3 minutes 4 x 70g Learn More Made up of only 3 ingredients, AYAM™ instant noodles are 100% na...Learn more
  • Description
  • Ingredients / Nutrition
  • Quality
  • 100% natural
  • Without Sodium Glutamate or Flavor Enhancers
  • Without Additives
  • Without colouring
  • Without Preservatives
  • Without Aromas
  • Without Seasoning
  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • 4 x 70g

Composed of only 3 ingredients, AYAM ™ instant noodles are 100% natural!

Made from quality flour, rich in protein, our AYAM ™ instant noodles are additive-free.

They do not contain any preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers, or even flavors.

Ready in just 3 minutes, our AYAM ™ instant noodles are the HEALTHY and NATURAL alternative for a tasty and quick meal.

A 280g pack contains 4 blocks of 70g noodles. Without Seasoning.


100% Natural Ingredients

Wheat flour (79%), certified sustainable palm oil, salt.

Nutritional information

For 100 g


For 70 g

For 100 g

Energy (1kcal = 4.2kJ)

156 Kcal

223 Kcal


6,6 g

9,4 g

- Saturated fatty acids

2,8 g

4,0 g


20,0 g

29,0 g

- Sugars

0,2 g

0,3 g

Dietary fiber

1,1 g

1,6 g


3,4 g

4,9 g


0,2 g

0,3 g

High quality

AYAM strives to offer products with short ingredient lists. We have banned genetically modified foods, preservatives, sodium glutamate, trans fats, hydrogenated fats from all of our products and bisphenol A from our packaging.

Our 280g instant noodles are 100% natural, without glutamate or additives, which makes them a healthy product for your diet.

Sustainable development

AYAM ™ is one of the founding members of SASPO (Asia's Support for Sustainable Palm Oil), an initiative of WWF® Singapore, whose vision is to make certified sustainable palm oil the industry standard. in order to halt air pollution in Asia, deforestation and loss of habitat for flora and fauna in production regions.

Our 280g AYAM ™ instant noodles are then enriched with certified sustainable palm oil.

Preparation recommendation

Cook a block of noodles for 3 minutes in 450ml of boiling water.

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