Organic Coconut Milk 400ml
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100% Natural Ingredients Certified Organic Lactose Free No Preservatives Learn More AYAM Coconut Milk is made from 100% fresh, ripe coconuts to capture their superior coconut taste and rich, creamy texture. We use extracts from...Find out more
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AYAM Coconut Milk is made from 100% fresh and ripe coconuts to capture their superior coconut flavor and rich, creamy texture. We use high quality coconut extracts with a high fat content, to retain their natural coconut flavor and creamy texture.

AYAM coconut milk is ideal for bringing a rich and creamy texture as well as a tasty coconut flavor to your recipes, such as your pastries, curries, sauces, soups or even desserts and drinks!

It is ideal for lactose intolerant, as a replacement for fresh cream or double cream.

Our 400ml coconut milk is 100% natural and certified organic, which makes it a high quality coconut milk.


Organic Coconut Extracts (> 60%), Water, Thickener (Guar gum).

Nutritional information


For 100 ml

ENERGY (1kcal = 4.2kJ)

181 Kcal


18,6 g

- Saturated fatty acids

17,4 g


2,1 g

- Sugars

1,7 g

Dietary fiber

1,1 g


1,2 g


0,1 g

European Organic Certified

AYAM Organic coconut milk has obtained the European organic farming logo, which testifies to compliance with the European Union's organic farming regulations. Certificate: TH-BIO-107

High Quality - 100% Natural

AYAM strives to offer products with short ingredient lists. We have banned genetically modified foods, preservatives, sodium glutamate, trans fats, hydrogenated fats from all of our products and bisphenol A from our packaging.

AYAM canned coconut milks and creams are 100% natural, without colorings and without added food additives.

Our 400ml coconut milk is rich in coconut extracts: more than 60% coconut extracts

Lactose free

AYAM ™ coconut milks and creams are perfect lactose-free substitutes for recipes with milk or fresh cream.

Sustainable development

In an environmental logic, AYAM ™ believes that the entire product must be used in the production process in order to limit our waste. For example, our coconut products factory uses the shells to operate its burners, which saves fossil fuel consumption. The remaining waste is all recycled. All the coconuts are thus used.

Coconut milk can be a great ingredient to use in cooking as part of a healthy diet, when consumed in moderation.

To learn more about the benefits of coconut according to Professor Shirasawa, click here.

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