Ayam ™ Palm Oil Policy

Ayam ™ has for many years implemented a responsible policy regarding the use of palm oil, replacing it whenever technically possible with an alternative vegetable oil with a healthier nutritional profile, such as olive oil or soybean oil. Today, palm oil is present in a very limited number of Ayam ™ products (only one product in France: Ayam ™ Instant noodles 350g).

Despite our extremely low use of palm oil, Ayam ™ nonetheless established and met two strict standards:

1. The palm oil in all Ayam ™ products is certified as sustainable.
Our factories are RSPO certified and source only certified sustainable palm oil from western Malaysia.

2. The labels of our Ayam ™ products are transparent and self-explanatory.
When an Ayam ™ product contains palm oil, this should be clearly stated on the ingredient list.

An Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil

Ayam ™ is proud to be one of the founding members of SASPO (Support from Asia for Sustainable Palm Oil), an initiative of WWF® Singapore.

The Alliance's vision is to make certified sustainable palm oil the industry standard to stop air pollution in Asia, deforestation and loss of habitat for flora and fauna in Asia. production regions.

Ayam ™ responsible policy proves that it is possible for small and medium enterprises to develop and implement sustainable sourcing.

For more information on the Alliance, click on the WWF® logo.


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